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Topcon GLS-1500 3D Lasers Scanners

Rating:4.22, Votes:265

Sell Used Topcon GLS-1500 3D Laser Scanner Full Set
Used condition like new and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Manufaturer year : 2011
include :
-Topcon GLS-1500 3D Laser Scanner Full set
-Road surface profile
-Large structure
-Disaster area
-Flood control
-Historical architecture
Compact all in 1 design.
Precise Scan Technology.
On-board lithium ion batteries.
Hot swappable batteries.
Wireless Lan & USB connectivity.
Dual axis compensators.
30,000 points/second scan rate.
330m maximum range at 90% reflectivity.
150m maximum range at 18% reflectivity.
4mm @ 150m single point accuracy.
6" horizontal and vertical angular accuracy.
SD card data storage.
Horizontal and vertical jogs.