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Used Leica P20 ScanStation 3D laser scanner

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Sell Leica ScanStation P20 Scanning System
leica p20 scanner specification: Used condition like new, calibrated and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Manufacturer year : 2013
include :
- P20 laser scanner.
- transport box
- Tribrach without optical plummet 
- Lithium-Ion Battery
- Basic charger 
- AC/DC Adapter for basic charger 
- Daisy chain cable for basic charger
- Car-Adapter cable for basic charger
- data cable
- Scanner height meter
- Distance holder for height meter
- ScanStation P20 User Manual 
- ScanStation P20 System Field Manual 
- ScanStation P20 System CD-ROM 
- Cyclone CD

Features :
Instrument type - Compact, ultra-high speed pulsed laser scanner with survey grade accuracy, range and field-of-view; integrated camera and laser plummet
User interface - Onboard control, notebook or tablet PC, PDA
Data storage - Integrated solid-state drive (SSD) or external USB flash drive
Camera - Auto-adjusting, integrated high-resolution digital camera with zoom video

System Performance :
Accuracy of single measurement 
3D Position Accuracy - 3 mm at 50 m; 6 mm at 100 m 
Linearity error - ≤ 1 mm 
Angular accuracy - 8” horizontal; 8” vertical
Target acquisition* - 2 mm standard deviation up to 50 m
Dual-axis compensator - Selectable on/off, resolution 1”, dynamic range +/– 5', 
accuracy 1.5”