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Champion nV3 Network Rover Receiver GNSS GPS RTK

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Champion nV3 Dual Frequency GPS GNSS Rover kit
Used condition like new and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
- nV3 Receiver
- Data Collector
- Rover Rod
- Tribrac
- Tribrac Carrier
- Tape Measure
- Spare Batteries
- Chargers
- All Cabling
- Software Disc
- Extra Heavy Duty Carrying Case

The Champion nV3 Rover delivers unmatched power, accuracy and performance in a rugged, compact unit:
- Advanced Trimble Maxwell 6 Custom Survey GNSS chip with 220 channels
- High precision multiple correlator for GNSS pseudorange measurements
- Unfiltered, unsmoothed pseudorange measurements data for low noise, low multipath
- error, low time domain correlation & high dynamic response
- Very low noise GNSS carrier phase measurements
- Signal-to-Noise ratios reported in db-Hz.
- Proven low elevation tracking technology.
- Initialization time <15s.
- Initialization reliability >99.9%.