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Topcon 3D-MC2 Dozer Grade Control

Rating:4.67, Votes:439

Topcon 3D-MC2 Dozer Grade Control

Used condition like new and ready to work

Come with warranty 12 month


- Topcon 3D Control Box, with Automatics Turned on for Dozer and Motorgrader 

- Topcon Dual Antenna Mag Box with Glonass and UHF Radio (450-470mhz). 

- 2 Topcon PG-A3 GNSS Antennas with Dual Mount Bracket

- 2 Topcon Antenna Cables (not shown but will be included) 

- Topcon Power Coil Cable

- Topcon GPS Mast

- Carry Cases.

The options currently activated are:

- Dozer

- Motorgrader

- Generic Machine

- Topcon RTK GPS

- Blade Control

- Sensor Input

- Firmware Version 3.58.

- Software Version 6.11.03.