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Trimble SPS930 Robotic Universal Total Station

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Trimble SPS930 Robotic Universal Total Station With TSC2 
Used condition, Demo condition and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
- Trimble SPS 930 Robotic Total Station (Great Condition)
- Trimble TSC2 Field Data Controller (Software: SCS900, Survey Controler 12.47
- 5 Total Station Batteries
- MultiBay battery Charger 5 Slots
- Trimble Gator clips for intrument 12v source
- 360 Prism (Newer Condition)
- 2 Cables one USB and 9 Pin for computer hookup
- TSC2 Battery Charger 
- TSC2 Stylus
- TSC2 Case  
- Trimble SPS Hard Case For Total Station
- Trimble Hard Case For Power Accesories 

- 1" / 1" Robotic Gun
- Bluetooth Connectivity
- Radio Connectivity
- SCS900 Site Controller Software
- Easy Setup.