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Trimble GCS900 Grade Control 3D System

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Trimble GCS900 3D grade control system 

includes :

- MT900 machine prism & cable - sn: 3229H007SR

- CB430 control box - sn: 3229J010SM

- EM 400 electric mast - sn: 3499J015RY

- Pivot bracket, riser (AS 400 pitch sensor - sn: 3529J012RS)

- SNR 2400 2.4 GHz machine radio - sn: 1429J0078Q

all compatible with 140H grader

Applications :

Roads and highways – rough grading

Large earthmoving projects – dams, reclamation, etc.

Landfills and waste deposits

Commercial site prep – complex design

Commercial site prep – pads, grading for large slabs, etc.

Residential site prep

Subdivisions – pads, local infrastructure

Land reclamation projects

Golf course construction.

Railway construction.