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FARO S120 FOCUS 3D Laser Scanner

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FARO Focus 3D S120 Laser Scanner
Used condition like new and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Manufaturer year : 2010
- 1X Focus-3D S120, with Compass, Altimeter (Barometer), Dual-­Axis Compensator and WLAN
- 2X PowerBlock Batteries
- 1X Charging Cradle
- 1X Power Supply
- 1X Laser Protection Goggle.
- 2X 32GB SD card
- 1X FARO Scene 5.1 include Hard Lock Dongle
- 1X SD Card Reader
- 1X SD Card Cover
- 1X Rugged Transport Case
- 1X GITZO Carbon Fibre Tripod with Carry Bag
- 2X Laser Scanner Starter Kit III (10 Reference Spheres including Magnets, Magnetic Tripods & 10 Precision Washers, 2 transport cases)
- 1X Super Sphere Kit
- 1X  Tribrach Adapter.