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Leica Pegasus Backpack Mobile

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Sale Leica Pegasus Backpack
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Manufacture : 2018

The Backpack is built for scanning projects that can be covered on foot and at walking speed. This includes both indoor and outdoor mapping situations, such as buildings that require BIM modeling, traffic-closed urban areas, heritage sites with limited access, unmapped underground infrastructure, mining, and even the building of GIS systems.

It uses GPS for outdoor positioning, and inertial measurement units and SLAM (simultaneous location and measurement) for indoor positioning where GPS signals cut out. This gives it a location accuracy of 5cm to 50cm after ten minutes’ walking without the use of control points.

With the Leica Pegasus:Backpack outdoor areas or underground infrastructures with limited access professional data collection is no longer limited . By capturing full 360 spherical view and Lidar together means you never forget an object or return to a project site – no matter where you are. A hardware light sensor ensures the operator that all images are usable while other functions are verifiable and adjustable over the operators tablet device.

Main features:
- Indoor and outdoor mapping in one single solution – position agnostic
- Marries imagery and point cloud data into a single calibrated, user-intuitive platform
- Full calibrated spherical view
- External trigger output and external time stamping for additional sensors
- Light sensor for auto brightness and balance control for image capture
- Software enables access to Esri® ArcGIS for Desktop
- Capture and edit 3D spatial objects from images and / or within the point cloud
- Economical with data – balances data quantity and quality, with project logistics and post-processing
- Ultra light weight carbon fiber core frame with an extensive ergonomic support for prolonged use
- Real time view of the captured data through the tablet device
- Up to 6 hours operational time with optional battery pack

Hardware features:
- Two profilers with 600,000 pts/sec, 50 m usable range and 16 channels
- Largest sensor to pixel in the market – 5.5 um x 5.5 um
- Five 4 MB cameras positioned to capture 360° x 200° view
- User adjustable acquisition intervals based on the distance travelled
- NovAtel ProPak6™ provides the latest and most sophisticated precise GNSS receiver with a robust field proven IMU for position accuracy of 20 mm RMS after 10 seconds of outage
- Marrying a triple band GNSS system with the latest multiple beam enabled SLAM algorithms
- INS determination of the location, speed, velocity and orientation at a rate of 200 Hz
- Ultra portable system fitting into one carrying case (system weight 13 kg)
- Battery based – using four batteries in a hot swappable configuration.
- Multi-core industrial PC, 1 TB SSD, USB3 interface, ethernet, and wireless connection from the system to the tablet device.